About Cams

Cam studios
Cam studios allow models to rent facilities outside of their homes. These businesses can supply models with video equipment, Internet service, computer, lighting, and furniture. Cam models can work by the percentage of business that they bring in, instead of renting studio time. The cam models do not have to pay to join this type of studio and are also not always guaranteed a salary. These models can typically charge customers between $1 and $15 per minute, the cam studio will take an agreed cut.
Camgirl mansion
A Camgirl Mansion is a place that provides equipment and broadcast rooms, where multiple camgirls can live and share expenses without a studio owner.
When webcam models create their live webcasts, they perform the activity known as camming. A third-party hosting website that transmits multiple webcam models’ video streams is known as a camming site. Webcam models mostly perform individually in separate video chat rooms, frequently referred to as rooms.
Camming sites
Webcam models typically make use of third-party websites to stream their real-time video performances on the Internet. Some sites charge viewers a fixed fee per minute, although many allow free access for unregistered visitors. These Internet hosting websites, known as camming sites, take care of the technical work – hosting the video feed broadcast, processing payments, providing an intuitive interface, and advertising – so that the cam model only has to focus on the actual shows for their video chat room.
Cherry Bucks
Cherry Bucks as a currency represent the tokens you receive from your shows and tips/gifts. The value of a Cherry Buck is equal to the value of a token (1 Cherry Buck = 1 token). When a user sends you a gift that costs 10 tokens, you receive 10 Cherry Bucks in your account. Your Cherry Bucks are then converted into real money that you can conveniently cash-out up to 5x a month with a $50 minimum.
Cherry.tv is a streaming platform for adults only (18+) that combines gaming and social media elements to provide performers with the most innovative, fun, and engaging way to cam and make money! Whether you are a veteran model, an online influencer looking to expand your income, or are totally new to camming, Cherry.tv has you covered with our dedicated model support team, plus a plethora of potential revenue streams and features that focus on increasing performer earnings and viewer retention.
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It criminalizes the production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works. It also criminalizes the act of avoiding access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself. Overall, the DMCA heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the Internet.
Group Show
A group show consists of multiple paying audience members in a private show with the performer. Viewers can tip and reward you with virtual gifts during your live stream. You can adjust your rates for tips and gifts for group shows easily in your model dashboard.
Nikki Night
Cam model Nikki Night provides a coaching service for cam models, in which she advises them on business practices that maximize revenues.
Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) is a free and open-source software for streaming and video recording.
Private Show
A private show is a pay-per-minute live stream that only paying customers can view. You can also earn money by receiving tips and being rewarded with virtual gifts in private shows. Typically higher paying customers will take you to private for a more intimate meeting. You can configure private shows on/off and set your rates inside your model dashboard.
Public Show
A public show is a free live stream that is available for anyone to view; in other words, when someone sees your cam room on our main page and clicks on it, they’ll be able to see you live. If you want more privacy when engaging with a fan, tell them to take you Private. You earn money with public shows by having your audience tip you and/or reward you with virtual gifts (aka “action gifts”).
Referral Program
The Cherry.tv Referral Program is a tool to attract new users and performers to the platform, as well as reward those actively promoting Cherry.tv to its network. Registered models on Cherry.tv can earn up to 15% of what their referred viewers spend on the entire platform, not only their shows. The payout share is tied to the model’s level on CTV. The higher level of a model is, the higher the earnings from referred viewers.
Spy Show
Spy Shows allow members to watch private shows in progress, but the user is not allowed to communicate with the models performing, or other users watching the show, it’s just pure voyeurism. You can choose to allow/refuse members to spy on your private shows through the Private Show app, on the left side of your streaming window.
Tip Menu
A Tip Menu allows you as the model to set up a fixed price for the things you are willing to do and perform on cam–and remember, you are always in control of these things. When new viewers enter your room, they will be able to easily see your Tip Menu and rates, so there is no ambiguity.
Tipping is another way for you to make money as a model. Users send you tips (in tokens) to pay you for your time and effort. As a Cherry.tv model, you can easily convert your tips into cash and get paid up to 5x a month with only a $50 minimum payout. To encourage users to tip you, we recommend enabling and setting up your Tip Menu and the Virtual Gift menu.
Virtual Gifts
Virtual gifts (aka “action gifts”) are a way for your viewers to reward your camming efforts during your live streams. There are both static and animated virtual gifts, and the value of each varies–so fans can gift you at various price points. We frequently will roll out special virtual gifts for seasonal promotions or contests too, so feel free to incorporate them creatively into your streams. Only VIP users are able to send our animated gifts, so definitely encourage your viewers to become Club Cherry members. All virtual gifts are automatically converted into Cherry bucks and added to your earnings.
Webcam model
A webcam model (colloquially, camgirl, camboy, or cam model) is a video performer who streams on the Internet with a live webcam broadcast. A webcam model often performs erotic acts online, such as stripping, masturbation, or sex acts in exchange for money, goods, or attention. They may also sell videos of their performances. Unlike other sex work, webcam models operate solely online.