Bankomi Yadzaki

She is a lady of formate, a delightful set of tits, and a nice mouth. She is not from yesterday but today she is here and you can be in her room for free. But a little bird told me that she hates it when guests give her orders when they do not intend to reward her for her kindness. It is a cold hard world sometimes. Do be surprised when she bans you when you tell her to shake her tits. Although it is tempting to see how far models will go for those wanted tokens, it is also very dehumanizing when you think about it. So, be a nice guy, put a few tokens on her account and you can assume she will think a lot better about you. Her room is free, but as said, this does not give you any privileges without tokens. Cherry offers them for cheap, you do not have to give them all away in 1 session. Most of the models here are grateful for every penny you give them. Your money is very valuable on the website.

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