Nika West

Breaking the ice with Nika is easy. You have a free account on CherryTV by now, and if not make one. You can open her tipping menu and see the things she is willing to do live on the webcam. It is like a menu that you observe before you decide what to eat. Well in Nika her case HOW to eat her! As you can see very easily, she is timid, very fragile, and has a young spirit still. Naive, yes... A little lost in space, but this is not strange, cause it is her very first day on the webcam! A little support is appreciated. Not shouting her orders is a great help cause why would you do this? Any guy who thinks women are robots and act on commands is a guy who needs to grow the fuck up! If you are not able to behave on a webcam site in a nice way you will discover that models can BAN you for life. And this means that you will have no fun anymore. So take this honor that Cherry gives you with both hands and take a free tour throughout all the rooms and find the girl of your dreams, cause that is what you are here for!

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