Teresa Salvi

She loves to play in front of the camera. Getting the attention she missed out on for a long time. People tell her that her boyfriend should be a happy guy, should he? Sharing the love of your life online with all the men in the world is a typical sign of love, a love to share what you have with others. They will both tell each other how the online clients will never come between them, drop 500 euros and you have a break up I am sure. The girl's name is Teresa and she is very young 18 years. Life is just blooming up in front of her, and the things she can achieve without anyone helping her are tremendous. Sure her boy must keep her happy, but as soon the balance shifts and she is the main earner, he will change every emotion he has into something he wishes 'to keep', and here is where this kind of work adds a personal ingredient to the soup. Well, the big kicker is, she is single and has no one waiting for her. You would actually think that an independent girl still needs a man? Maybe yes, maybe no, it is not much of an answer. However, maybe you will take satisfaction with the idea you can make a difference in her day, and it is up to you how far this butterfly effect will reach!

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